Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Leaving paid parental leave behind

With Federal Government backbenchers slowly finding the guts to openly oppose Tony Abbott's monstrously unfair paid parental leave scheme, there just might be hope for this government yet.

But not while Abbott is still at the helm.

At a time when pensioners, the sick, low-income families and students are being told the age of entitlement is over, Abbott's proposed baby bonus will see high-earning families handed $50,000 each just to have a baby.

This lifestyle-maintenance welfare payment is proposed by a government that declared an $800 school kids bonus to be unaffordable at a time when the country is facing a supposed budget crisis.

Under the "unaffordable" School Kids Bonus (SKB), any family, rich or poor, would receive a grand total of $6800 per child, paid over 12 years of schooling - an average of $570 a year.

Under Abbott's apparently affordable Baby Bonus scheme, a family would receive $50,000 (plus superannuation benefits, I understand) - over just six months - every time they take time off work to have a baby.

That's almost 100-times as much paid in six months as the SKB paid in a whole year, and around eight-nine times as much as the SKB paid over 12 years.

BUT, welfare recipients have to be high-earners to qualify for Abbott's full benefit. Low-income families are far less deserving and some families will likely get nothing.

And don't be fooled by arguments that this isn't welfare - that it's a "workplace entitlement".

Long-service leave is a workplace entitlement. Holiday pay is a workplace entitlement. Sick leave is a workplace entitlement. Superannuation is a workplace entitlement. And, unless you're employed by the Federal Government, the Federal Government does not pay these entitlements.

Abbott's Baby Bonus is not a workplace entitlement. If it was, employers would be paying it.

When the government pays someone to maintain their lifestyle after they've had a baby, it is welfare. It's arse-about-face welfare, in this case, as the richer you are, the more you get, but it's still welfare.

It might be designed to help keep-up payments on the boat and the late-model Landcruiser, and to ensure the recipient can still afford to dine out each week, but it's still welfare.

In other news, Joe Hockey has announced that he's willing to get tough with our democratically-elected Senate if they don't go along with his deceitful budget and has warned that a double-dissolution is on the table.


If the parliamentary Liberal party won't get rid of Abbott and Hockey after the mass-dumping of election promises in their very first budget, I guess it'll be up to the voters to do it for them.

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MORE: Joe Hockeys complains "I just say to the critics, you want us to keep our election promises, now you're doing everything you can to stop us keeping our election promises."

Yes Joe, we want you to keep your election promises. But you haven't, you've broken rafts of promises already, so don't come crying to us about it now that you've found one you claim you want to keep. You had your chance and you blew it. So put on your big boy pants, cop it sweet and accept that your Baby Bonus scheme is more on the nose than the gilt-lined disposable nappies it would have helped pay for.


wombatwal said...

Could not have said it any better.
This Government is one for a total reorganisation of Australia. Where profits are king, where small government is their mantra. And people are to be demonised as leaners if they are not lifters by the LNP/IPA/Murdoch way of thinking.

Andy said...

There's an idiot trying to post numerology spam on my blog at the moment. They posted 16 comments in 12 minutes. Not one made it past the spam filter.

Numerology eh? Clearly not your lucky number day today is it? Dope.