Friday, July 12, 2013

Catalyst cracks chiropractic

Last night, ABC TV aired an episode of Catalyst dealing with the chiropractic profession's push to become the first port of call for family medical advice, especially paediatric treatment, despite the fact a seemingly large chunk of the profession don't understand or agree with basic medicine.

It was scary. Very scary.

But there was a highlight.  

Go here to see a spinal surgeon's thoughts on the chiropractic model of health and well-being. He sums it up better than I could, and with the benefit of genuine experience.

You can see the whole Catalyst segment on Paul Gallagher's Youtube channel.

From this story, chiropractic looks like just one more area of the health sector where the regulators are essentially useless.

Catalyst's Facebook page is alive with commentary from people who are horrified that a science show would dare to look at this issue using evidence as the basis for the report.


John Alex said...
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Andy said...

I'll leave your ad there John, since you at least made the effort to make a comment.

But I have to wonder what you mean by being "a good match". Either you can do stuff or you can't. If it takes some sort of faith, then it looks more like religion than medical treatment.

And I'm not aware of too many chiropractors being doctors, although I'm aware many choose to use the title anyway. I don't know why they use it though. It strikes me as just a bit deceitful.

Andy said...

On second thoughts, I've deleted the comment since it has been spammed verbatim across multiple blogs.

For the record, it was a link to a so-called wellness clinic that apparently thinks there's 7 billion different ways to treat health problems (ie, we're all different and all require different treatment). And I assume that, unlike real doctors, they know all of them

Ada Woodworth said...

I've heard about this practice for years now and although it scares the hell out of me to hear bones cracking, one of my bosses had actually tried it and he said it was good and refreshing. If you ask me, well, I'm not ready yet :)

Andy said...

Interesting Ada. But how come your name links to an article about using chiropractic in place of hip replacement?